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SELF-EMPLOYMENT AFFIDAVIT Household Name: Unit No. Name of Business: Business Address: Type of Business: City, State, and Zip: Position Held: Start Date: PART A: (ESTABLISHED BUSINESS WITH FILED TAX
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Attach an affidavit of each tax return listed above indicating the information listed above. Attach supporting tax returns (if applicable) to this part if any were filed. Attach supporting evidence of the filing of a federal tax return (if applicable). Attach any documentation available to support the assertion that the employee is a self-employed person. (See the Form 1040 Instructions for more information on Form 1040 (K) and Form 1040A.) PART B (CANCELLING OR REDUNDANT EMPLOYMENT) Employee ID Number: Employees with current Schedule C return with estimated tax due: — Employees with Schedule C return not yet filed : Employees with current Schedule C return with estimated tax due : List any employment that is not included in Part A as not canceled or terminated with the tax return and a copy of the written notice of the cancellation/termination. (See the Instructions for Schedule C) Employees with scheduled exit dates: Employee ID Name of Business : Position Held: Start Date: AGE ELIGIBILITY Status of Employees: NOTE: — Employees paid on a salary basis must be listed on the employment papers and on each income tax return. — Existing employees are considered former employees for the purposes of this rule and are included in the Form 1040-C. — A nonemployee is defined as a self-employed person who is not an employer. A current employee of a partner's business who also is a partner in a partnership or other entity with which the partner makes income, such as a trust, estate, partnership, LLC, or corporation, may also be considered a current employee, regardless of whether he or she is listed as an employee on the partnership's partnership return or the partnership's tax return of the partnership. (See the Instructions for Form S-Corp (S Corporation) for more information on partnerships.) Employee's Name: Employer Name: Position Held: Start Date; and End Date: (2) List with Form 1040 (K) or 1040A (W-2) any non-cash incentive compensation to the employee which can be designated as cash or in-kind. (See Instructions for Form 1040 (K) and for Form 1040 (A) for more information on incentive compensation.
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